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Recyclable Material Aluminum Shampoo bottles

          Environment ,  everyone pay attention to it all over the world , so all people would like to use the recyclable products , for example the daily products , house products , food products or cosmetics products,  in our industry area ,most people choose the recyclable cosmetic packing bottles also, so the Aluminum bottles are most popular in the cosmetic industry .

         Now many people use the aluminum bottles for the Shampoo ,Gel products and the mist spray products, our factory E-better have the rich experience for the aluminum products , we have the most popular shape is the shoulder shape like below , we have the size from 50ml aluminum bottles to 1000ml aluminum bottles , and the most popular size 300ml aluminum shampoo bottles, and we can custom the size and colors also ,Let’s work together for the environment

Post time: Jul-05-2024
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