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  • How to choose Silk Screen Printing or Heat Transfer Printing?

    Regarding logo printing of products, mostly we use silk screen printing and heat transfer printing. What is the difference between the two? Today E-better would like to make a short introduction for you. Price: Silk printing is much cheaper than heat transfer printing, more suitable for mass prod...
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  • How many kinds of our company’s perfume atomizers?

    Classify by the structure                  With Lids                                                                            Rotary                           Classify by shape                        Square                                                                           Round        ...
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  • Brief Knowledge of Aluminum

    Aluminum has been widely used in recent years. With the wider application of aluminium, people pay more and more attention to aluminium. Jiangyin E-better packing co.,Ltd  is china leading manufactory of aluminum bottles ,aluminum atomizers , jars and others special containers for global consumer...
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  • Health benefits of aluminum

    Aluminum products also provide great benefits for our health: Aluminium in food and beverage packaging provides safe barriers to bacteria and contamination. Below some Aluminum Bottles for you reference: 1.Aluminum Beverage Bottles: 2.Aluminum Wine Bottles: 3.Aluminum Vodka Bottles: 4.Alumin...
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  • Aluminum Brand Status

    Aluminum is also unsurpassed in shaping and decorating possibilities with exclusive shapes and formats that create added value and bring distinction to brands and their products. Aluminum has inherently up-market qualities that distinguish it from other packaging materials. Its unique physical pr...
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  • Aluminum Spray Bottles for Bottling Chemical Solutions

    Aluminum spray bottles are a good choice for cleaning solutions as they don’t absorb scents and are strong enough to resist punctures or breakage. Pairing aluminum bottles with fine mist sprayers is a practical solution for many products. Aluminum is used for aerosol products such as hairsp...
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  • Difference Between Aluminum And Plastic Bottles

    They may look very similar, and they are quite different though on the outside,but the differences between the two materials also result into varying effects they have on the environment, as well as on people. Plastic bottles are made using a large quantity of petroleum, while aluminum bottles a...
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  • How to separate large bottles of perfume into small bottles?

    How to separate large bottles of perfume into small bottles?

    1 Use the bottom refillable perfume atomizer   Very convenient and will not cause the scent of the perfume to volatilize.   2 Use a medical syringe to extract the perfume Injecting perfume into small bottles and Cover the bottle cap   3Use a mini funnel to pour the perfume into the bottle If yo...
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  • Why Aluminum Cosmetic Containers Should be Considered As An Option For More Products ?

    1.Benefits of Aluminum Over Plastic First, aluminum allows for the packing of a product to be much more lightweight. Which popular to consumers because of which have the lightweight design over heavy glass and plastic bottles. Aluminum also allows for a more modern design that plastic. It is also...
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