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Our factory aluminum bottles was used widely in the market

The development of economy, people pay more and more attention to the environment,Many of the people want to use the recyclable products, including cosmetics packaging,Now let me introduce one of our metal packing container, aluminum bottles and aluminum Cans .

Our aluminum bottles was used widely,the main as below :

One, Cosmetic industry :

aluminum Shampoo bottle,aluminum spray bottle,baby aluminum oil bottle ,baby aluminum powder bottle,aluminum parfume bottle,aluminum hair spray bottle

Two, gardening:

Aluminum trigger spray bottle

Aluminum water bottle

Aluminum clearer bottle

Three,chemical industry:

Aluminum cleaning bottle

Toilet aluminum Freshener spray bottle

Toile aluminum cleaning bottle

Four, Hotel

Aluminum hand wash bottle

Aluminum Alcohol bottle

Five,pet animal

Aluminum spray cleaning bottle

Aluminum liquior bottle

Pet aluminum cleaning bottle

Six, Food

The aluminum bottle can used for the food also ,for example the supplements, vitamin ,pills ,gummy candy, so the aluminum supplements bottle ,aluminum vitamin bottles ,aluminum pills bottle ,aluminum capsules bottle and aluminum gunny candy bottle.

Maybe the aluminum bottle can used more industry in the next future days ,if you have any more idea ,pls contact with us ,we will try to feedback to you ASAP .

Post time: Jul-14-2022
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